Monday, December 1, 2008

Just don't let anyone see me ;)

I met this family right next to where their father works. Gus is an adorable guy with a charming accent, that immediately told me he hates pictures and he just hopes that he doesn't run into anyone he knows. Well as luck would have it, right in the middle of pictures a colleague of his strolled by. Well maybe next time we can shoot somewhere else :) Congrats Lisa and Gus on 25 years of marriage, I for one am impressed.

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Ovard Clan said...

Hi Megan
I stumbled upon your blog:)
I am a new photographer, tryin' to get work going. You, by the way, do an awesome job. Anyways, where did you shoot this family? I'm doing a photoshoot for my sis and she wants a graffiti wall.
Would you be willing to share this location? If so leave me a message on my photog blog? Thanks!